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Can you live 1 hour without electricity?

How long can we stand without electricity? Take this challenge!!! Take this 1 hour to get detached from electricity. Spend it with your family, with friends, and don’t forget mother earth as well. Take this opportunity to listen to the songs of the crickets at nite.. feel the cold breeze of the nite.. or chat with Mr.Moon.. Have fun!!!


  1. Not only lights...
    i know people who turn off their lights for an hour, but still turn on their air-conditioner, fans, laptops, televisions etc...

    And not only for that hour... save as much as we can every second in our daily lives! ^v^

  2. yup! selamatkan bumi kite!!

  3. bley jew sbb slalu lupe nak bayar bil elektrik...

  4. mari sume join this act..its a good act to save or planet!!


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