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Electric Sports Car ~ Nissan Esflow~

The first modern electric car to really catch the attention of enthusiasts was Tesla's Roadster. It now looks like the folks at Nissan want to capture some of that glitzy mojo for themselves.

Esflow concept, which is anchored to the electric underpinnings of the Leaf, bears a striking resemblance to its gas-powered 370Z stablemate, with perhaps a touch of the old BMW M Couple in its hatchback-like rear haunches and sloped roofline. Up front, a long and wide hood give way to a sharply raked windscreen. Front and rear bumper overhangs are minimal, with the large wheels pushed to the extremities of the car. Although Nissan has not as yet released interior photos, one exterior shot reveals racing style seating more typically found on a Ferrari F430 Challenge Stradale, indicating the sporting intent of this electric steed.

Nissan reports that the lithium-ion batteries powering twin rear motors combine for a zero to 60 mph time somewhere around 4 seconds, impressive considering the Tesla astounded with its 3.9 second blast to 60. The Esflow's range is around 150 miles to the charge. That's roughly a third more than what the Leaf is expected to provide, though a bit less than the range of a $100,000 Tesla. The Esflow is rounded out by the usual high-tech car accouterments, from LED lighting and interior LCD screens to an ultra-low profile all-aluminum chassis with an integrated roll bar system. Serious boy-racer stuff for the dawning of an electric-car age. About the only thing this Nissan may need is a better name. Esflow is just one letter too close to E-slow.

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