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Music is a universal language,

It connects hearts of all alike.

No matter what colour are you,

When it comes to music,

We understands each other.

Many learn of music,

Some born with it.

One thing we can't deny,

Even till the last breath of our life,

We can't live without it.

Some composes and some creates,

Others sing and play of it.

When we listen to music,

There in our brain form colours of electric waves,

That lights our heads up like multi colour light bulb.

Words are beautified when put into music,

Which adds meanings to it.

When we feel the music,

When we reflect on meanings of the music,

Our spirit gets lifted up bit by bit.

Music colours up our life,

It brings joy and happiness,

It brings sadness and grieve.

And with all these colours and patterns,

Each of us will have different pictures of our own.

1 comment:

  1. fate with it...haha


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