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This is Faith

This is Faith

To walk where there is no path

To breathe where there is no air

To see where there is no light..

This is Faith.

To cry out in the silence,

The silence of the night,

And hearing no echo believe

And believe again and again..

This is Faith.

To hold pebbles and see jewels

To raise sticks and see forests

To smile with weeping eyes..

This is Faith.

To say:" God, I believe" when others deny,

"I hear" when there is no answer,

"I see" though naught is seen..

This is Faith.

And the fierce love in the heart,

The savage love that cries

Hidden Thou art yet there!

Veil Thy face and mute Thy tongue

Yet I see and hear Thee, Love,

Beat me down to the bare earth,

Yet I rise and love Thee, Love!"

This is Faith.

~Amatu'l Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum~

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