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Colours of Life


Colours are everything in our lives. Imagine a life without colours, how dull it would be. The world without colours will be just like a sheet of empty plain paper,meaningless. Colours beautify our world, enables us to categories things, enable us to have different feelings toward things as well as enable us to embrace UNITY in DIVERSITY.

The Great Designer, Painter, or Creator had designed every single thing in this world with utmost uniqueness, preciseness and with the highest intelligence that even if all the human brains were to be combined into one, they still can't fully grasp its secrets. And a part from this He had endowed each and every creation with colours of its own creatively, making this world into a wonderful garden.

So should we differentiate ourselves base on the colour? or should we be grateful for having peoples with various skin, hair and eye colour making this world into a huge garden with various colours, shapes and fragrances? take some time, take a few steps back and try to look at the world again..

Other than that, colours are also universal alphabets that forms words and sentences that bring meaning everyone can understand. When colours are combined together forming a picture, they present a meaning of its own or even a thousand meanings like what the we know "a picture is worth a thousand words". Colours can show a person's feelings, his way of thinking and also his creativity which can be understood everyone.

From the Baha'i Writings its said that God had gave each of us a frame which we called it as our fate-things we cannot change for example the talents we're endowed with is a fate. Different person have different fate. But inside that frame the painter of the picture is ourselves. How we want to design it, what colours we choose for the picture is decided by our ownself just like how we utilize our talents and faculties for the betterment of the world.

Hence, we choose the colours of our life ourselves. I choose to have various colours for my picture and where does this colours come from? It comes from friends of mine with different skin colours, different thinking, different talents and comes from different walks of life. What about you?

We are One Family

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